Environment and Comunity


Our Aim

U&D Coal‘s vision is to be an industry-leading Coal Explorer and Emerging Producer, where we as a company create sustainable value from our resources and relationships in a way that is safe, environmentally responsible and respectful of all stakeholders. Our belief is that if Safety will never be compromised it will be held as a value – and that our team can achieve the goal of Zero Harm to ourselves, to others we interact with, to the Environment and to the Community. We require your support to achieve these goals.


To achieve this aim we will:

  • Minimise the impact of our operations by effectively preventing pollution, damage or other harm to the environment by mitigating harmful risks
  • Accept that everyone is personally accountable for operating in an environmentally responsible mannner, as well as are those who they work with, manage and supervise
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent or recover any incident that may or has breached environmental legislation, license requirements, tenure conditions, or any specific U&D Coal requirements
  • Work to build long-term partnerships with communities, governments, business partners and other stakeholders
  • Respect and work with the current occupiers of any land impacted by our exploration or mine development activities
  • Honour, respect and work cooperatively with the Traditional Owners of the land impacted by our activities, as well as ensure we work within any Native Title or Cultural Heritage legislation, licenses, or any specific U&D Coal requirements.


  • Educating all employees and contractors in defining an acceptable level of risk for the task at hand and in implementing risk management practices to achieve safe operations
  • Training and coaching managers, employees and contractors on Health and Safety requirements and then holding them accountable for compliance
  • Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, U&D Coal’s standards, and any other stated requirements as a minimum foundation for the delivery of acceptable HSEC performance
  • Implementing and maintaining integrated management systems and programs, including measurable objectives and targets, to ensure effective implementation of this Health and Safety Policy
  • Promoting with employees, contractors and the community awareness of Health and Safety issues through ongoing training, communication and reporting
  • Regularly reviewing this Policy to ensure it remains appropriate to U&D Coal’s objectives and applicable legislation.

This policy applies to employees, management and contractors within U&D Coal and requires the full cooperation and assistance of all personnel.