Meteor Downs South

Project Overview

The Meteor Downs South Coal Mine Project (MDS Project) is U&D’s advanced near term mining project.The MDS Project is the Company’s first mining project and will see the Company move from Developer to Producer status.The project is located within Central Queensland, 45km southeast and 30km northwest of the townships of Springsure and Rolleston respectively.

  • It is situated within Mining Lease (ML) 70452 and the underlying Exploration Permit for Coal (EPC) 1517
  • 13Mt Marketable Reserves
  • Coal seams between 11m and 108m depth, with an average seam thickness of 6.9m
  • Projected production rate of up to 1.5Mt per annum of export grade thermal coal
  • Development plan assumes locally based workforce and service providers
  • Environmental Authority approved in early 2015
  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Approval received in November 2014
  • Regional Interests Development Authority granted for the project in November 2014
  • Mining Lease granted November 2015.